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Material Compact Laminate EGGER
Thickness 3 - 13 mm
Core Black or white

A compact board is an ultra-durable composite material consisting of the inner and outer layers and the overlay. The inner layer is made from kraft paper impregnated with phenol resins. Decorative paper impregnated with melamine resins is used to make the outer layer. The overlay is a transparent paper, which serves to protect décor. The manufacturing process involves regular or continuous pressing under high pressure. A compact board is a variety of HPL, also known as compact laminate, compact HPL and HPL board.

Egger compact boards are manufactured at the company’s factory in Sankt Johann, Austria.
HPL boards come with the inner (core) layer of black or white color.
Compact boards are available in the great variety of decors: single-shade, imitation of wood, stone and other materials.
We offer compact laminates with various surface textures (reliefs).
The main advantages of HPL boards include durability, resistance to mechanical damage, water-tightness, healthiness and simplicity of maintenance.
Compact boards are used in manufacture of specialized (kitchen, laboratory, medical, garden, sports) furniture and in wall finishing.

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