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MEG (material exterior grade): exterior (façade) HPL panels manufactured by Abet Laminati (Italy).

MEG is an ideal building material for architectural projects. Its two components – durable core and decorative layer – are resistant to bad weather and other unfavorable external factors.
HPL MEG panels easily withstand rain and snow, sunlight and wind, and represent an optimal choice for outdoor installation. The properties of MEG panels from Abet Laminati allow them to be used to create ventilated facades. The small size, durability and longevity of these panels make MEG a worthy alternative to solutions that have long proved themselves in the market.
In addition to a broad range of colors available in Abet Laminati collection, the company also offers custom-made décor. For that purpose, it uses digital print. In the end, customers receive façade with a print based on their picture or photo. Digital print allows to decorate almost any element of façade with a commercial or anotherimage that attracts attention. Most projects using MEG from Abet Laminati have their own, unique features.

Composition of façade panels

MEG is a high-pressure exterior plastic for outdoor use. This material is composed from several layers of cellulose fibers and one or several surface layers of decorative paper soaked with thermosetting phenolic resins. These layers are joined by pressure. The decorative layer has an additional protection against the impact from bad weather.

Main purpose

MEG panels are used the most often in facing of facades and balconies. This building material is also suitable for manufacture of a number of structures including solar screens, outdoor advertising structures and outdoor furniture.

Ventilated HPL Facades

The facing of facades with HPL panels allows to achieve technical and visual effects. With MEG, you can face public and private buildings using any design ideas. Façade HPL panels from Abet Laminati will help you implement the most complex solutions.


You can also use HPL panels to face balcony and parapet parts and other elements of architectural structures. MEG panels can aptly place emphases thanks to various shades and forms contrasting with each other.

Solar screens

HPL MEG allows to create sun shielding and mounted structures. This building material is used to make screens effectively blocking sunrays and creating desired shadow. The milling and perforation of compact panels allows to decorate edifices using various patterns, geometric shapes, oriental architectural pictures and so on. Thanks to HPL, you can experiment and realize any ideas you might have.

Rain screens

This option represents a system that has cavity for ventilation of space between the load-bearing wall and façade facing. HPL rain screens offer protection not just against rain but also against the sun, snow, heat and other weather phenomena.

Furniture for HoReCa and outdoor advertising structures

This material is also used to manufacture outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and other establishments, and also, to make advertising and other signs. All these items are notable for their durability and longevity.

Properties of MEG

The following properties of this material are worth noting:

Installation of HPL panels

MEG is installed to leave a ventilation gap between panels and the building’s external wall (mounted ventilated HPL facade). The building material’s linear expansion coefficient must also be taken into account: its elements should never be installed close to each other.

MEG from Abet Laminati has the property of expanding under high temperature and contracting under low temperature. To assemble a structure, you have to take care of “fixed” and “sliding” points to ensure unimpeded expansion. The screws must have a flat head not sunk into the building material in order not to obstruct its expansion.

The fastening systems for ventilated HPL facades come in two types:

Complete information about installation of HPL façade panels is provided in MEG technical manual.

Caring about the environment

MEG is composed by 60-70% from cellulose fibers taken from renewable sources. Other components of this material are represented by the soaking with thermosetting resins. No environmentally harmful materials, such as heavy metals, asbestos, organic solvents and the like, are used in manufacture of HPL panels for ventilated facades. In addition, this material has positive assessment of life cycle based on ISO 14040 standard used to assess the product’s impact on human health and the environment.

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