Standard colors of restroom partitions

Standard colors of restroom partitions

RAL colors of restroom partitions

An unambiguous perception of color shades is one of the key points that must be addressed when creating and subsequently implementing a premise design project.
In 1927, the German National Committee for Delivery and Quality Assurance (Reichs- Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen) has developed the most widely used color standard in the world, RAL. This standard is based on the division of the color spectrum into sections with the assignment of a unique numerical index to every color.
The range of RAL colors is continuously improved by adding new colors and creating new catalogs (Classic, Effect, Design and other). For example, the Effect catalog is based, in addition to color shades, on the brightness and saturation of color, and consequently, even the traditional four-digit index had to be transformed into a seven-digit version.

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is what RAL index a particular color of the restroom partition’s filling corresponds to.

KVK-Bud’s warehousing program offers boards of the following unicolors:

You can order restroom partitions with the filling of another color (shade), but as a rule, these orders take longer to fulfill.
Also, to ensure the maximum conformity with the overall style of your restroom, we can supply the profiles of restroom structures in any colors featured in RAL catalog.

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