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Urinal dividers from KVK BUD. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, other cities of Ukraine. Order and buy from KVK-Bud
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Filler 25 mm laminated particleboard from EGGER (Austria)
Profile Aluminum with anodic coating
Standard colors White, grey, beige
Supports Adjustable
Anchors Stainless steel

Standard configurations of urinal screens:

Partition with a support

(type 1)

Standard dimensions of urinal screens:

Partition height

1200 mm

Partition depth
500 mm

Gap from the floor

150 mm

Panel thickness

25 mm

A cost-effective solution from KVK-Bud

Ergonomic organization is important when designing any public restroom, because in the future, it would bear upon the comfort of using the restroom. Women’s restrooms must have stalls, while men’s rooms must additionally have urinals and screens between them. We offer an economy option: urinal dividers made from laminated particleboard. This is a composite material consisting of large- and small-fraction wood chips bound together under high-temperature pressure using special resins. The board surface has evenly smooth texture, and can be coated with melamine film to make this material resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.

The dividers are assembled using aluminum profiles, which are distinguishable for their durability, light weight, resistance to loads and external impacts, and a long service life.

Design and features

KVK-Bud urinal dividers are filled with 25 mm-thick laminated particleboard, which allows to achieve an optimal combination of durability and esthetic appearance. We use the material manufactured by Egger, Austria, which is used in restroom design and has proved itself very well in the international construction market. Laminated particleboards are available in the great variety of decors, and can be adapted to any interior.

Urinal dividers represent an addition to restroom partitions, designed to be mounted on the wall in separate blocks with urinals located in-between them. The height, width and shape of urinal screens made from laminated particleboard can be customized to suit the customer’s design.

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