HPL urinal dividers

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Price: starting from 3000 uah. per item
Restroom partitions: HPL urinal screens. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, other cities of Ukraine. Order and buy from KVK-Bud
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Filler 12 mm HPL from EGGER (Austria)
Frame Profileless system
Hardware SISO (Denmark), stainless steel
Standard colors White, grey

Standard configurations of HPL urinal screens:

Partition with a support

(type 1)

Partition without supports

(type 2)

Radial partition

(type 3)

Standard dimensions of HPL urinal screens:

Partition height

1200 mm

Partition depth
500 mm

Gap from the floor

150 mm

Panel thickness

12 mm

A solution for a premium-class project

One can hardly imagine a modern shopping mall or office center without a comfortable restroom. Besides the convenience of use, the right design of a restroom is no less important: for example, men’s rooms must have urinals separated by screens.

KVK-Bud offers assembly and installation of 12 mm-thick HPL urinal dividers manufactured by Egger. This material is distinguishable for unique decors and textures, allowing to implement various ideas of interior design. Stainless steel hardware from Siso, Denmark ensures holding strength and durability of the structure.

When the price and quality are at par with each other

HPL compact laminate is manufactured by pressing together several layers of paper impregnated with melamine resins, with the core consisting of a fibrous material treated by solidifying resins. Urinal dividers have the most important properties: healthiness, resistance to mechanical damage, moisture, high pressure, and the impact from detergents used in daily cleaning.

HPL urinal dividers which do not use profiles are fast to install, have beautiful appearance, and are easy to maintain. They are usually bought together with restroom partitions but can be custom-made as well, in which case, their price won’t be any different from the standard version. The height, width and shape of urinal dividers can be customized to suit the customer’s design.

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