HPL toilet partitions

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Price: starting from 4500 uah. per sq.m.
Restroom partitions: HPL toilet partitions. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, other cities of Ukraine. Order and buy from KVK-Bud
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Filler 12 mm HPL from EGGER (Austria)
Frame Profileless system
Hardware SISO (Denmark), stainless steel
Standard colors White, grey

Standard configurations of HPL toilet partitions:

Wall-to-wall front
Wall-attached front with an angle
Front with two angles

Standard dimensions of HPL toilet partitions:

Partition height

2000 mm

Door width

600 mm

Partition width

900 mm

Gap from the floor

180 mm

Partition depth

1200 mm

Panel thickness

12 mm

Need an HPL restroom partition?

A combination of style and longevity

Restroom partitions are an important element of every public restroom: they are installed in restaurants, swimming pools and sports complexes. These partitions are made from durable panels capable of withstanding heavy use and daily cleanings. In addition, their design was given attention, too: the partitions must have a stylish appearance, blend into the interior and create a cozy atmosphere. We offer premium-class 12 mm-thick HPL restroom partitions manufactured by Egger.

HPL: distinguishable properties

Compact laminate board is a high-density laminate consisting of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resins, consolidated under high temperature and pressure to form a monolithic wear-resistant panel.

HPL restroom partitions from KVK-Bud are durable and able to withstand heavy loads, mechanical damage, and destructive impact from water and household chemicals. The surface of this material is smooth, and therefore, it does not absorb unpleasant odors.

Thanks to a wide choice of decorative coatings, we can select a suitable option for every design project. The partitions are assembled without using profiles and no additional trimming of edges is necessary, which means that the product does not look bulky.

HPL toilet partitions are:

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