Types of Restroom Partition Hardware

Restroom partition hardware
Silent, tightly closing but not slamming doors, neat partitions without slots, safe bathroom stalls – all this is ensured by high-quality plumbing hardware.

Features of Fasteners

Fasteners for restroom partitions are distinguished by their intended purpose – legs, brackets, holders, angle brackets, door hinges, turn/release handles (both for right and left hand), locks. They are all sold in kits and individually.
As partitions for bathrooms are made of various materials, the fasteners are produced taking into account their features. The fasteners for chipboard, plastic, glass partitions have some common features, such as functionality, durability, convenience, and some distinguishing features, such as design, dimensions for panels of various thicknesses.
Modern hardware is always concise by design, although it can be geometrically austere or with soft outlines.

Manufacturing Materials

Restroom partition hardware is made of stainless steel, aluminum and polypropylene, which differ in quality depending on the manufacturer. For example, there is little in common between high-tech European nylon with antibacterial coating and domestic plastics. Stainless steel elements are often chrome plated or coated with a scratch- and wear-resistant sprayed coating, so they can be used for decades without any slightest damage to their appearance. Powder coating of aluminum parts also improves their appearance and increases resistance to damage. Nylon products are characterized by high precision in fitting of the components at a modest price. 

How to Choose Bathroom Partition Fasteners

Precision in parts fitting, load resistance – all this will affect the service life of the stalls.

What to pay attention to upon purchase:

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